Autophobia – Comicmas #7

Autophobia – Comicmas #7


If Yaoi actually tried to deal with the real-world issues of High School, actual levels of anxiety that would cripple your attempts to romance someone, AND had complete uncertainty around the possible happiness of an ending…well it wouldn’t be Yaoi anymore really? And it would be FAR more intensely compelling and relatable.
My issues with a genre not meeting it’s potential aside – let’s talk about Autophobia.

G.H.S.T’s comic Autophobia is one of those, that after an intense update, has me refreshing the site twice-daily in need of closure.

Louis Beau is a reserved and schoolwise-serious individual, whose perfect* little life made from distancing potential drama, begins to unravel as Daniel York pops his personal bubble.
Daniel is loud, clumsy, and everything Louis doesn’t need right now… but damn is he cute. And fun to mess with. And sh*t this is going to ruin everything?

Content Warning: Louis’ anxiety runs DEEP. This comic explores intense anxiety attacks, PTSD, and ‘Autophobia’ – the crippling fear of being totally alone and unloved.

This comic is seriously good – It’s a real one-two punch of fantastical first-love, that builds you up, then hits you right in the emotional gut with Louis wanting to respond, but being genuinely incapable without breaking.
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