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We’ve made another zine! Have a very Valentoween – It’s so relevant, twice a year! Basically we’d discovered Deadendia, Dead City & 100 Times, and wanted some kind of excuse to recommend them all? So “Spooky + Romance” became the theme. Really loved getting to meet Jey & Michelle, and chat about their awesome Canadian low-zombie apocalypse romance XD If you’ve not heard of some/all of these – that great! Part of the whole point of this is to share new, good and progressive content with the people who might love it ^^ So give it a read, and read more comics 😀 Buy theRead More →


KBoom (Barcelona) is the first convention outside of the UK we’ve attended; so we’re gonna tell you why we love it – and why you might wanna go yourself! ^^ And while we went with just a day either-side for travel this time, we cannot recommend enough taking a full week to enjoy both the con, and the beautiful city it’s in. After a great time going solo last year, both Harry & Mike went this time and finally met up with Kami D – after so many years of working together, via the internet. After years of working together I FINALLY got to meetRead More →

Well we only made it to 12 days of Comicmas – would have loved to do 25, but we got busy and ill. Next Time Gadget! To catch-up on this super-fun event where we reviewed a comic-a-day that you might not have heard of; click on the advent-esque doors below to read a short recommendation ^^Read More →


Okay, this one is gonna be a bit different 🙂 Kate Leth is a comics… mogul? She writes, she draws, she reviews on her podcast, she created The Valkyries – The group/space for Women (& nonbinary individuals :D) who work in comic shops. She kinda does everything? And SO WELL! So here are some of the top Kate Leth things I recommend. Less Than Live (with Kate or Die) Kate’s Podcast where she unabashedly gushes about comics she loves, and interviews awesome creators who make and/or love comics themselves. What I love about LTL so much is that it’s so positive. So many online reviewersRead More →


If Yaoi actually tried to deal with the real-world issues of High School, actual levels of anxiety that would cripple your attempts to romance someone, AND had complete uncertainty around the possible happiness of an ending…well it wouldn’t be Yaoi anymore really? And it would be FAR more intensely compelling and relatable. My issues with a genre not meeting it’s potential aside – let’s talk about Autophobia. G.H.S.T’s comic Autophobia is one of those, that after an intense update, has me refreshing the site twice-daily in need of closure. Louis Beau is a reserved and schoolwise-serious individual, whose perfect* little life made from distancing potentialRead More →


Stumbled upon Demon Street 2 days ago by chance. And proceeded to read the entire thing. It’s addictive and fantastic! Years ago, the Demon Street appeared from nowhere. The old street was lost, and the new one bridged the gap between our world, and theirs. Most folks block the entrance with trash and try to ignore it. But not Sep Maeda. What possessed him to cross that threshold into a world of danger and uncertainty? Sep’s not the only human on the other side; but the kids that survive here didn’t come by choice. Some have made lives for themselves, some fight to find theRead More →