Gaysome Review

It never ceases to astound me how vocal people are about things they dislike, which they could easily just not partake in. I mean, I could complain to cows about my lactose intolerance – but we’d both end up just feeling guilty and sad. My bugbear of the day lies with Gaysome, a fairly new webcomic that I really like, which has been put on an indefinite hiatus as the author needs a break from being hated-on for “portraying gay stereotypes“. Which in the most professional terms I can muster; is complete donkey%^&*$!&fist. Sorry. That word may be a bit too sophisticated for people outsideRead More →

My Problem with Ms Valentine

For most human adults these rules apply: 1. People like to feel strong 2. People like to feel smart 3. People like to feel sexy I have no qualms when someone wants the strength to feel safe, the knowledge to feel useful or the look to feel confident. The problems begin when people try to attain these attributes because others are imposing their own ideals upon them. When it comes to video games, which are relatively young compared to other media, sexiness is not just an imposed trait – it is an expected value.Read More →