Assigned Male – Comicmas #2

Assigned Male – Comicmas #2


Sophie Labelle’s Assigned Male is a rarely seen story about young LGBTQ kids, long before the age where sex is relevant, discovering themselves and convincing the world around them that they exist.

It is smart, complicated, intersectionally diverse and just fantastic.
Stephie & Ciel are exactly the kind of heroes a lot of folks need and deserve; Today.

It’s also really great to see characters grow, quite naturally, from “Not getting it” to “Mostly gets it, tries their best, and knows how to apologise”. In particular Stephie’s dad learning to respect and defend his daughter is awesomely endearing to see.
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As well as reading this comic, you can support more radically-diverse feminist LGBT2Q literature for kids through Flamingo Rampant!
Sophie and Sam Orchard are both making content for their new kickstarter to make 6 new books, which is SO EXCITING!
Check out the Kickstarter here:
Assigned Male #158 – Girl Umbrellas is one of my fave strips ^^