– Running out of room in your house for all of your beautiful things?
– Want to order in a tonne of books and mugs to sell online, but not hassle with the postage, packaging, customer services, lost/damaged refunds or the speedy dispatch required for next-day special deliveries?
– Or are you struggling to ship to a UK / European audiance, with international postage rates being so high (especially in the USA)?

Don’t worry. We can do that.

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As well as distributing things from our own online stop, we’ve been handling postage, packagaing and customer services for Dr Geof since early 2014, as well as redesigning and maintaining the website.
We’ve been posting items out within 2 days (often within 1) of them being ordered, and have rushed around multiple times to get urgent gifts sent out for the next-day. When complications stopped us, customers have been contacted and worked-with to ensure their ultimate satisfaction.
And we have yet to have any negative feedback, at all!

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If you’re spending more time than you’d like posting old things, rather than making new things, but don’t want to use one of the made-to-order intermediary companies that, while effective, give you a very tiny cut on your own items – we offer a compromise: we store and post your items out, keep only 10% of the RRP (FAR less than Amazon or DeviantArt) and the P&P Cost.
We keep receipts for all items posted, and keep spreadsheets to help with your tax returns and inventory management.

If you’re wanting to break into having merch, and spread your work across the UK / Europe convention scene, you could also join the Dragonhoard – our online shop and community where artists join forces on bulk orders, and have their work posted-out and taken to conventions, by us, here at Dragonhide Studios.
Just like these fine artists from around the world have already:

dh hoard