Okay, this one is gonna be a bit different 🙂 Kate Leth is a comics… mogul? She writes, she draws, she reviews on her podcast, she created The Valkyries – The group/space for Women (& nonbinary individuals :D) who work in comic shops. She kinda does everything? And SO WELL! So here are some of the top Kate Leth things I recommend. Less Than Live (with Kate or Die) Kate’s Podcast where she unabashedly gushes about comics she loves, and interviews awesome creators who make and/or love comics themselves. What I love about LTL so much is that it’s so positive. So many online reviewersRead More →


If Yaoi actually tried to deal with the real-world issues of High School, actual levels of anxiety that would cripple your attempts to romance someone, AND had complete uncertainty around the possible happiness of an ending…well it wouldn’t be Yaoi anymore really? And it would be FAR more intensely compelling and relatable. My issues with a genre not meeting it’s potential aside – let’s talk about Autophobia. G.H.S.T’s comic Autophobia is one of those, that after an intense update, has me refreshing the site twice-daily in need of closure. Louis Beau is a reserved and schoolwise-serious individual, whose perfect* little life made from distancing potentialRead More →


Stumbled upon Demon Street 2 days ago by chance. And proceeded to read the entire thing. It’s addictive and fantastic! Years ago, the Demon Street appeared from nowhere. The old street was lost, and the new one bridged the gap between our world, and theirs. Most folks block the entrance with trash and try to ignore it. But not Sep Maeda. What possessed him to cross that threshold into a world of danger and uncertainty? Sep’s not the only human on the other side; but the kids that survive here didn’t come by choice. Some have made lives for themselves, some fight to find theRead More →


Sophie Labelle’s Assigned Male is a rarely seen story about young LGBTQ kids, long before the age where sex is relevant, discovering themselves and convincing the world around them that they exist. It is smart, complicated, intersectionally diverse and just fantastic. Stephie & Ciel are exactly the kind of heroes a lot of folks need and deserve; Today. It’s also really great to see characters grow, quite naturally, from “Not getting it” to “Mostly gets it, tries their best, and knows how to apologise”. In particular Stephie’s dad learning to respect and defend his daughter is awesomely endearing to see. AssignedMale.com Facebook | Twitter |Read More →

Now on Kickstarter: Billy Veloci’s tail (achem) of post-grad life and powering through. Kelci Crawford is a comic artist (and reviewer) we’ve loved the work of for a long time now. It’s great to see such a love and want for real, human stories and diversity in the medium, and Kelci’s projects consistently deliver. Be it her and Christian Beranek’s long-running work Validation, about a young transgirl and her blog making a mark on the comic industry, or her solo series, Johnson & Sir, full of hilarious characters and pop-culture references. Her latest work, Thoughtful Dinosaur, has been shared exclusively with her newsletter subscribers, andRead More →