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Over the last two years I’ve done a lot of interviews with The Geek Show – and if you like S+G, or just my sultry English tones, then some of the following ones may be of your interest. Plus you can visit [] to view the semi-full TGS interview archive. TGS Interviews Josie Long You can download this from the show’s [Interview Post] TGS Interviews Tab Kimpton TGS Interviews Humon For more, check out the show’s [Full Sunnycon Coverage Episode] For more, check out the show’s [Full MCM Coverage Episode]Read More →

My Problem with Ms Valentine

For most human adults these rules apply: 1. People like to feel strong 2. People like to feel smart 3. People like to feel sexy I have no qualms when someone wants the strength to feel safe, the knowledge to feel useful or the look to feel confident. The problems begin when people try to attain these attributes because others are imposing their own ideals upon them. When it comes to video games, which are relatively young compared to other media, sexiness is not just an imposed trait – it is an expected value.Read More →