Review: Thoughtful Dinosaur

Review: Thoughtful Dinosaur

Now on Kickstarter: Billy Veloci’s tail (achem) of post-grad life and powering through.

Thoughtful_Dinosaur_Book-13Kelci Crawford is a comic artist (and reviewer) we’ve loved the work of for a long time now. It’s great to see such a love and want for real, human stories and diversity in the medium, and Kelci’s projects consistently deliver.

Be it her and Christian Beranek’s long-running work Validation, about a young transgirl and her blog making a mark on the comic industry, or her solo series, Johnson & Sir, full of hilarious characters and pop-culture references.

Her latest work, Thoughtful Dinosaur, has been shared exclusively with her newsletter subscribers, and will soon be coming to Kickstarter for a print run.
And it’s a delight!
Thoughtful Dinosaur follows Billy Veloci, and her post-education struggles of chasing her dreams, while her realities are putting up barriers. Like a lot of projects Kelci has worked on, there’s no big-evil-antagonist or struggle to overcome and then the day is saved – there’s bumps and hurdles to get past but they’re of realistic sizes and contexts; crappy jobs, lack of funds ect.

Thoughtful_Dinosaur_Book-16This comic is a charming story about finding the middle ground between your goals and your circumstances, being patient and just powering through the messes in-between successes.
It’s also a colourful world with anthro dinosaur and animal folks, elves and more, and tonnes of Kelci’s trademark puns and wordplay.

If that sounds like your Jam, then check it out!
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