Hiatus Update

It’s been about 3 months, but I am still alive. So sorry for the unexpected hiatus. I moved house at the beginning of the year, got a new job, became really ill and had a lot of personal drama to get on with. Not something I’ll bore you with, but tldr; I use gender-neutral pronouns now, and am very happy with my life at the moment. Updates Kickstarter Sam Orchard has Kickstarter-ed his project: Family Protraits – comics sharing the experiences of LGBTQ people’s lives and loves. His regular comic Rooster Tails is funny, personal and very heart-warming. He’s a total sweetheart himself, as ourRead More →

December Digest 13

Winter has come O_O The night is dark and full of terrors… by which I mean extended family visitors, storm-related internet cut-outs, and just not getting cozy and comfortable no matter what unholy collage of layers you might concoct. So – time for another distraction of lovely things I’d say? Steam Powered Giraffe – MKIII It took me about 24 hours after exposure to become addicted to the band Steam Powered Giraffe. And yesterday saw the launch of their 3rd album: MKIII – a journey through and update of the band’s mythos and current lineup. The band is fronted by 3 robots you see, eachRead More →

Gaysome Review

It never ceases to astound me how vocal people are about things they dislike, which they could easily just not partake in. I mean, I could complain to cows about my lactose intolerance – but we’d both end up just feeling guilty and sad. My bugbear of the day lies with Gaysome, a fairly new webcomic that I really like, which has been put on an indefinite hiatus as the author needs a break from being hated-on for “portraying gay stereotypes“. Which in the most professional terms I can muster; is complete donkey%^&*$!&fist. Sorry. That word may be a bit too sophisticated for people outsideRead More →