Sophie Labelle’s Assigned Male is a rarely seen story about young LGBTQ kids, long before the age where sex is relevant, discovering themselves and convincing the world around them that they exist. It is smart, complicated, intersectionally diverse and just fantastic. Stephie & Ciel are exactly the kind of heroes a lot of folks need and deserve; Today. It’s also really great to see characters grow, quite naturally, from “Not getting it” to “Mostly gets it, tries their best, and knows how to apologise”. In particular Stephie’s dad learning to respect and defend his daughter is awesomely endearing to see. Facebook | Twitter |Read More →

Now on Kickstarter: Billy Veloci’s tail (achem) of post-grad life and powering through. Kelci Crawford is a comic artist (and reviewer) we’ve loved the work of for a long time now. It’s great to see such a love and want for real, human stories and diversity in the medium, and Kelci’s projects consistently deliver. Be it her and Christian Beranek’s long-running work Validation, about a young transgirl and her blog making a mark on the comic industry, or her solo series, Johnson & Sir, full of hilarious characters and pop-culture references. Her latest work, Thoughtful Dinosaur, has been shared exclusively with her newsletter subscribers, andRead More →

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Thanks to GaymerConnect, I was able to meet and chat with Kori Michele, creator of the Prince of Cats webcomic – a story of two boys in a conservative area, struggling and fumbling through their feelings for each other. It’s realistic, heartfelt and just really genuine – a great antidote to the sparkly-eyed and unbelievable chemistryless romances that Hollywood and anime throw at us these days. (Sam Witwicky and his rebound Pornstar *cough cough*) It’s a fun-filled 40 Minutes about the comic’s origin’s and goals, Kori’s advice for new artists, and recommendations for comic lovers. … although at one point we got into some heatedRead More →

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Over the last two years I’ve done a lot of interviews with The Geek Show – and if you like S+G, or just my sultry English tones, then some of the following ones may be of your interest. Plus you can visit [] to view the semi-full TGS interview archive. TGS Interviews Josie Long You can download this from the show’s [Interview Post] TGS Interviews Tab Kimpton TGS Interviews Humon For more, check out the show’s [Full Sunnycon Coverage Episode] For more, check out the show’s [Full MCM Coverage Episode]Read More →

My Problem with Ms Valentine

For most human adults these rules apply: 1. People like to feel strong 2. People like to feel smart 3. People like to feel sexy I have no qualms when someone wants the strength to feel safe, the knowledge to feel useful or the look to feel confident. The problems begin when people try to attain these attributes because others are imposing their own ideals upon them. When it comes to video games, which are relatively young compared to other media, sexiness is not just an imposed trait – it is an expected value.Read More →