Let’s Play Shadowrun & Grand Budapest Hotel

Let’s Play Shadowrun & Grand Budapest Hotel

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Presenting: Two new features to the Sexy+Geeky YouTube channel.

These new video features/formats are gonna be a lot quicker and easier for me to make, edit (mostly edit) and upload amoungst those 2-3 jobs I have.

Instant Reaction

Without further reserch to tell me how to feel, or a week to forget what it was I actually saw, I go to my local cinema or Netflix, watch something (then go home and make tea) and give you my thoughts and opinions in a sortof mini-review.

Anything that I feel requires further discussion, such as the controversial and chilling Hard Candy, may well get it’s own review later.


Let’s Play

Livestreaming when my computer can handle it – but mostly pre-recorded, I finally start playing things, talking along and making jokes/commentary as I go.

Our first game is Shadowrun Returns for the PC, after Extra Credits recommended it in an episode about Cyberpunk games.
I’m uploading parts 1 and 2 together, since the first one is just character creation.