Gwen PicGwendoline Barr

Leathercrafter, Traditional Artist & Viking

Gwendoline Roberta Barr is a crafter of leather, traditional artist, and writer of sci-fi & fantasy roleplay campaigns.

Her work can be seen at many LARP sites across the UK, and occasionally on-stage at the Royal Shakespeare Company.

– Twitter: @Gwenniburr
– Instagram: Aurielle_Fallen

HarryAnne ImageHarry-Anne Bentley

Artist, Publisher & The Silly Person Writing These Captions

Harry-Anne is a Nonbinary Trans-femme Vector and Trad Artist, Streamer and Podcaster.
She/They are also clearly a tryhard workaholic with too many links. She’s sorry about that.

They handle the postage, packaging and distributive collaborations of Dragonhide Studios – and our Shop.Dragonhide.co.uk shop.

Inspirations: Janelle MonĂ¡e, Danny Cragg & Dr. Geof Banyard.

– Twitter: @MxHarryBentley
– Twitch: MxHarryAnne
– Comics on Insta and Webtoons
– LinkTree: HarryAnne